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Acuvar Straightening Brush: Features and Characteristics

Last update: Jul 25, 2017 09:24, April Williams

I am going to share my impression on the device I have bought hoping to cope with my hair which, you know, causes me lots of problems because it’s the task to make it smooth. So, here we are — me, my device and my review which is, actually, written after some time of using this tool. It’s up to you to decide whether to buy it or not. And, anyway, I hope this article will be useful for you.

My First Impression of this Hair Tool

Well, I first looked at it and thought “Really? A brush and a straightener, just all-in-one? Are you kidding me, guys?”. The fact is I am not a believer in the things like magic tools which do everything, I don’t think a cream can make my skin look like the skin of 16-year-old girl, or the tool for the hair can make a hairdo itself. So I am a realistic one. Now you understand why I decided to check, whether the hot iron brush straightener is as good as it is written and as the company promises. Here are the results.


First, design. I have a black model. I am not sure if there is the same model in pink or any other color, but it is not a big problem for me.

The tool looks like a massive brush with a cord and I think it’s ok. It should work, it should be solid and up to date thing, and it can be of any color.

It has a ceramic plate which is good for hair and doesn’t’ damage it much. As far as I know, this kind of material heats evenly so it works better with your hair comparing to the plates of other materials.

There’s also an LCD display that indicates the temperature of the device. It actually has 10 modes of temperature so you can find the one suitable for your hair.

The shape of the head is classical in a way, it is oval so the device doesn’t look strange and it’s easy to work with it. I like this shape because as for me it’s the best one for work with wavy hair.

The size is about 11″ and thanks to the materials used the size is not a problem because the device is not heavy and you won’t have a lot of pressure on your hand.

The model is available in black and I think it’s cool — your tools should be not just of a great quality, but also of a good style, because your devices it’s your face as a master’s. Tastes differ and the lovers of bright tools can object but in my humble opinion only black, only cool tools, only hardcore!Acuvar straightening brush features


The heating is really fast, it is not actually10 times faster than flat iron (as in advertisement), but it doesn’t take much time so you shouldn’t wait till the device is hot and ready to work. Actually, there’s a hint — a little display that shows the temperature of the brush straightener.

The thing I really liked is a rotating cord, allowing to work with hair in any positions without thinking about the position of the cord and without constant changing of your own position.

The fact I didn’t like is an absence of a hanging hook. I like to have everything on its places, hanging peacefully after a hard day of work. So it’s not cool.
The company says that there are 10 grades of the temperature. So the highest is 450 Fahrenheit and the lowest one, suitable for work is about 350 Fahrenheit. Different temperatures are good for different types of the hair. So, the highest one, 450 Fahrenheit, suits to wavy and thick hair. The lowest — 350 Fahrenheit — can be used for any type with different results. The medium, 410 Fahrenheit, goes well with fine hair. If you are not ok with Fahrenheit, choose Celsius by pushing the button on the handle.

Now I do have astonishing news — the device does have an anti-scald design, so you will never damage the hair using it. But even though the hair condition can change after a long run so I would recommend using a special gel for hair protection.

As I said, the surface of heating element is ceramic and it has some advantages:

  • a certain level of heat that doesn’t go higher than it was set;
  • the temperature rises evenly thanks to the material;
  • the ceramic plate is of long use;
  • it protects the hair from overheating;
  • it’s safe — there are no gasses and so on that emerges while the temperature rises.

The hot iron brush straightener is not safe for the hair, it is actually safe. If you left the device working and went off, nothing awful will happen — the brush turns off automatically after 60 minutes of work without usage. It is not a point to leave it all the time but it makes work much safer and saves your nerves.

It doesn’t have a dual-voltage so one may need an adapter for use in different countries.

Let’s Draw Conclusions

I liked the item. It has many advantages and is actually good for professional use, not just for doing casual things with hair.

So here we have:

  • 10 modes of temperature;
  • LCD display
  • ceramic plate
  • classical shape of the head
  • fast heating
  • rotating cord
  • switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius
  • anti-scald design
  • off-turning mode

There are some disadvantages. I have put in this list the following:

  • size, bigger than it could be
  • no double voltage
  • no hanging hook
  • only one color of the model

So, even counting the disadvantages I would say that this device is a good choice. Actually, some disadvantages are not disadvantages at all and some people can easily cope with them. I simply had to write some points there because, as I said in the beginning, I don’t believe in perfect things… well, this brush is close to be a perfect choice for me.

4 comment(s)

  1. What’s the procedure for cleaning the brush and how often does it need to be done?

    1. It’s simple to do and takes no time at all! It needs to be done after each time you use it, seen as you don’t want to heat the brush to 230 degrees Celsius while still having hair sitting it in from last time. Hair strands are always getting caught in the brush so all you do is simply pull them out after the brush has cooled down and you’re good to go. You could also use a smaller brush to clean hair out of the bristles if that makes it easier, also using a damp cloth to wipe the brush off is good too; but by no means submerge it in water or get it really wet.

  2. Does it actually straighten the hair? My daughter has extremely curly hair and has recently shown serious interest in straightening her hair. We have used a flat iron and it works but takes at least 30mins to complete. Just wondering if a brush would be faster. It still give the same look.

    1. This brush really simple to use and safe, so you don’t have to worry about your daughter burning herself or if she accidentally leaves it turned on, the auto-shut off is an ideal feature. You can rely on this device to get the job done quickly, I can’t tell you the exact time because I don’t know the hair type and length but what I can tell you is that if it was taking 30 minutes with a flat iron, split that time in half and that’s how long it will take. All the best.

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