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Hair Straightening Comb 3.0 from AsaVea

Last update: Mar 12, 2017 10:34, April Williams

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*In this post we’ve reviewed AsaVea 3.0 comb. AsaVea has a wide range of different straightening tools:

They say when it comes to hair, the grass is always greener on the other side. Women with straight hair adore curly locks, while those with a curly mane desire manageable, straight locks.

Managing my thick, wavy hair is such a pain! Some of it forms waves while the rest of it settles into curly ringlets. Combing is the worst part of my day. I spend at least 15-20 minutes trying to comb my tresses before leaving for work. All of this effort is to give the appearance that I didn’t simply fall out of bed and headed to work.

Basic properties:

  • Fast heating, only 1 minute
  • 360-degrees rotate wire
  • Auto shut-off
  • Lightweight, 1.3 pounds
  • Max temperature 365F
  • Low price


~ $40*

* approximate price


On regular days, I try to leave my hair curly. This is because I tend to get impatient waiting for my straightening iron to heat up – it takes so much time! Fortunately, this was before I found my “magic wand”!

Features and Characteristics

I had been looking for a replacement for my flat iron for a long time. My prayers were answered when I stumbled upon the hair straightening brush 3.0 from AsaVea. This is a standard straightening brush, which works like a charm to smooth and straighten the tresses. It does it in a way that no other manual device ever could.

This ceramic component based device is very easy to use and features rapid heating. Anti-scald technology. This saves me a lot of time and effort, powerfully working on my nasty hair. At the same time, it keeps my tresses, fingers and scalp free from any burns. I think the investment I have made on this device is definitely worth every penny spent.

My First Impression Of AsaVea Tool

When I first bought this tool, I was immensely impressed by its sleek design.

Size: Some hairbrushes are very large in size, and others are way too small. However, this one is neither too small nor too large. It is the perfect size that fits just right in about anyone’s hand.

Material: I prefer tools that are lightweight as they do not strain my wrist or forearm when I am working on my mane for an extended period of time. The best feature of AsaVea hair brush is that it is constructed of a high-quality DuPont plastic. This makes the body very light and easy to maneuver.

Shape of Head: For a curly mane like mine, knots and tangles have always been an issue. This tool comes with a head that is rectangular in shape. This makes it especially useful for detangling the hair. This one easily runs through my tresses and untangles the knots without pulling too hard. I tend to turn the brush inward as I approach the ends of my hair as I prefer to have smooth ends instead of sharp, pointy ones.

Color: This tool comes in a combination of red and black. I must say that it looks very classy. The bright red stands out against the beautiful black backdrop.


The one major problem that I have encountered with straightening irons is that they seem to take forever to heat up. What I like about this product is that it takes only about a minute to reach the full operating temperature of 365° F. It applies constant heat when I turn it on. Moreover, the fail safe mechanism, which turns the unit off in one hour, comes in handy if you are forgetful like me.

With a 360 degree rotating cable, I never have to worry about the cable getting my way while I work on my hair. The cable moves easily in a full circle, not only permitting easy operation but also increasing the life of the brush.

Further inspection of the device led me to the following features:

  • The surface of the tool is made of ceramic. The uniformly shaped bristles heat up evenly due to the 23 ceramic pieces that have been incorporated into the design. This allows me to safely and conveniently maneuver the device through my mane while it heats and straightens the hair quickly. It does not damage my hair like my other straightening iron. It therefore doesn’t foul the air with the scent of burning hair. Moreover, the bristles are designed in such a way that instead of leaving my hair as straight as a stick, the brush gives a more flowy, natural appearance to my hair. It additionally adds volume.
  • This device uses merely 33 watts. I must say it is very economical to use.


  • It is lightweight
  • Slim design and instant heating
  • The power buttons are on the back to prevent accidental depressing of them
  • The brush can be used for both straightening and curling
  •  The design is very simple making it easy to operate
  • It does not pull the hair
  • It is well made and is of the highest quality


  • The cable sometimes does not swivel as much as 360 degrees
  • It works only on 110V AC, making it unsuitable out of the box for international use


I think the AsaVea hair straightening brush is a great value for money. It straightens my thick, curly mane in about five to seven minutes making it look very pretty for work. When I am going out to a party or other special occasion, it takes only 10-12 minutes maximum for dazzling locks.

With the amazing shape, color and features like the anti-scald technology and LED display, I would not think twice before recommending this hair straightening brush to anyone. I use this device regularly on dry tresses, and I have been very satisfied with its functions and results.

Overall, I strongly believe that this hairbrush straightener is a great solution for straightening your hair quickly and efficiently. One of the best purchases I have made, this is definitely a high quality product that comes with an affordable price. It is ideal for those who have trouble straightening their air using a straightening iron. Order yours today!

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Reviewed by Ann

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  1. I don’t straighten my hair that often but when I do I want it to be quick. I bought the Asavea brush on a whim but thankfully my hair likes it. I hate the flat look you get with a regular straightener so I had to skip on those.

  2. Hi ! Confused between what adages call their comb and brush. Which one would you recommend? The one in ur video is the comb with rectangular teeth like. The brush kind has bristles and costs more. Hence the confusion. Hope to hear your views

    1. Hi, Sue! You’re a little confused about the definitions. A comb is a flat device for hair styling, which has only one line of teeth. And a hairbrush has many rows of bristles. Look at the picture:
      Brush and comb differences
      So, in our video you see a comb.

  3. Sorry I don’t think I put that across too well. So basically what I meant was, Asavea have these two products. On Amazon, one is called the Asavea hair straightener brush £49.99 (is a light pink/ white). The second is called Asavea Hair Straightener Straightening brush £35.99 and seems to only come in a red&black color combination. I’d have loved to attach a screenshot here so I could be clear. Hope you can throw some light on what the difference between the two is…which is better & why…

    1. Asavea hair straightener brush (which comes in red and black) is a different product. The comb is really good for short hair, whereas the brush will not let you straighten hair roots, but it works better with thick and curly hair.

    2. I can put some light on the differences between these two products as I have used them both! 🙂 They both heat quickly, are fairly lightweight and comfortable to use.
      – The Asavea comb allows you to get right close to the roots of your hair so it is ideal if you have really short hair.
      – The head of the Asavea brush is larger so would be more suitable if you have a lot of hair, as it can cover more at a time.

    1. We haven’t had any issues at all. Make sure you don’t touch the bristles and there will be no chance of you getting burnt. Hair does not fall out more than it would usually.

    1. It does and doesn’t dry it out either! It leaves you with a natural look as if you have just had a blow dry. Be sure to detangle your hair first and always use a heat protectant!

    1. I can’t tell you the exact weight but I can tell you that it is light weight and it is convenient to travel with. I am often traveling domestically with only carry-on luggage and I always have it with me when I go away

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